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COVID-19 Medicare Waiver Extended

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Hospitalized patients may not need a 3-day stay.

WHAT IT IS: CMS has provided flexibilities to help healthcare providers respond to and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A nation-wide waiver has been implemented to allow Medicare recipients immediate access to care within a SNF without the standard requirements.

WHO IT EFFECTS: Medicare beneficiaries
located in areas that have been declared as a state of emergency related to the Corona Virus COVID-19.


  1. Skilled nursing facilities may be able to admit patients from the hospital or emergency room under Medicare without the patient having a 3-day qualifying stay;
  2. Medicare coverage may be provided for a beneficiary without requiring a break in the spell of illness (allowing for up to an additional 100 days of SNF Part A coverage).

Our Team is trained and ready to accept your referrals. Many Benefits of a SNF Stay:

• Experienced Nurses
• Case Management & Discharge Planning Upon Admission
• Private Rooms
• Safe Place to Be – High number of residents and staff have been vaccinated!


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