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It’s Tax Time!

Clock Indicating it is Time to File Taxes

With tax season approaching, it is important to begin getting prepared to ensure a smooth process of filing. Taxes can be complicated due to several rules surrounding different financial scenarios for people. Tax information regarding retirement income, Social Security benefits, pensions, retirement accounts and more are all included. This in depth guide is designed to […]

COVID-19 Medicare Waiver Extended

Medicare Logo

Hospitalized patients may not need a 3-day stay. WHAT IT IS: CMS has provided flexibilities to help healthcare providers respond to and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A nation-wide waiver has been implemented to allow Medicare recipients immediate access to care within a SNF without the standard requirements. WHO IT EFFECTS: Medicare beneficiarieslocated […]

The Importance of Hydration – Especially for Adults Over 55

Drop of Water Falling into Puddle

Are you drinking enough water? Most adults do not – especially during the cooler weather months.  Did you know that use of a heater in the winter months can accelerate water loss? The drier indoor environment is not the only challenge; When the weather is colder, your body will excrete more urine and without warmer […]

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